George Clooney Slams Trump While Defending A Pedophile, Is This An All Time Low?

George Clooney slams Trump in France all while defending a pedophile! Yuck…

Clooney is such a hypocrite! How can he be so against Trump while he supports Roman Polanski, a disgusting pedophile!

Clooney went to a film award show over in France where he had a speech prepared just so he could slam our President. Clooney and French actor Jean Dujardin preformed a skit where Clooney would say something and Dujardin would incorrectly translate it.

From Conservative 101:

Said Clooney, “Over the course of my career, I’ve had the great fortune of working with some incredible filmmakers who have protected me and inspired me and taught me what an honor it is to work in film.” Jean translated it to the audience as “Donald Trump is a danger for the world, and I will do everything to oppose the fear and hate that has settled in.” The America-hating European audience laughed.

Later in an interview Clooney proceeded to defend Roman Polanski, a known pedophile. Saying,

“I don’t know enough about the Polanski affair to talk about it in detail. But what I understand is that he had an agreement with a judge and that the judge didn’t respect. I also know that the victim now supports him. When you think about all that this 83-year-old man has been through, it’s awful to imagine that they’re still after him.”

Wow! First of all, if you read about Polanski’s crimes here, you will see that he shared drugs and alcohol with a 13 YEAR OLD. Her mother wasn’t around and he proceeded to take nude photos of her, preform oral sex and continue on to raping her while she was dazed by the tranquilizer drugs he had given her.

There is not one thing right about this. He hasn’t “been through enough”, he should be sitting in jail not a mansion! George Clooney has lost his mind!


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