The House votes on a bill that will block “the application of foreign law” in US courts, this includes Sharia Law.

The bill that will ban Sharia Law for good passed in the Montana House of Representatives early this week. It passed 56-44. Republicans supported the bill stating that it upholds the constitution and democrats opposed it because it, “targets Muslims.”

Apparently we need to stop fighting radical Islam because our efforts to keep this radical thinking and belief system away from America is very xenophobic. This tolerance thing is getting way out of hand and creating a very weird atmosphere… to say the least…

From Viral Liberty:

After a lengthy debate, with Democrats and Republicans disagreeing on the intent of a Senate bill to prohibit state courts from applying foreign law, the legislation advanced in the House largely along party lines with a 56-44 vote.

Senate Bill 97, carried by Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, doesn’t specifically mention Sharia law, but it was the only kind of foreign law mentioned during testimony in both the Senate and House judiciary committees.

All I have to say is…Why in the hell was there even a vote?? This is America and we don’t abide by any Law but our own! All states and the federal government should pass this law immediately. To allow any other country’s laws to be used is treason against the USA.

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